Cyber and Physical Threat Correlation

Financial organizations encapsulate a plethora of physical and technological systems (e.g., lighting, heating and air conditioning, access control, elevators, CCTV systems, access control with revolving doors, scanners, video cameras, sensors for infrared, temperature, CO, smoke, etc.), as well as cyber assets. Cyber physical assets of financial institutions are often organized in complex configuration.

The FINSEC platform is able to facilitate the correlation between cyber and physical threads. Through the probes, it is able to generate and combine data from the physical and cyber assets. The platform is able to analyze through artificial intelligence algorithms and correlate these data such that it can assist security officers in predicting and anticipating complex security attacks. Some examples of service scenarios employed for validating and training artificial intelligence algorithms include CCTV & Physical Security Systems attack, physical attack to the customer, physical attack to the ATM, Loitering, malware cyberattacks, jackpotting with malicious software.



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