Insurance Risk Assessment for Interlinked Assets

This use case aims to enhance the security level of Agents’ access to insurance assets. In particular, the FINSEC platform facilitates this security level by integrating a 2-factors security level which encapsulates the physical security level (face recognition) and the cyber (login). The solution also addresses the integration of 3rd party applications (e.g, the Agents’ apps) into the FINSEC’s platform data flow. As illustrated in Figure 1, the use case includes different technologies and principles. These include the security of the Endpoints of agents’ login applications, the Agent’s face associated to an user ID, the use of a database for the biometric\username associations, the employment of application back-end server which runs the recognition system and matching DB and a mechanism which will ensure that the inserted password is checked by the login functionality (2 factors authentication) after face recognition.



Mirna Boscolo