Intelligent Protection of ATM Networks of Financial Organizations 

FINSEC technologies including CCTV analytics probes and predictive analytics modules have been deployed in order to secure ATM networks. Different attacks scenarios are addressed by the systems, involving attacks against the physical ATM infrastructure, the vault and PC (Personal Computer) of the ATM, as well as the connection between the PC and the ATM’s dispenser which is located in the Vault. Information collection in this case study is based on cameras, but also other sensors of physical information like vibration sensors and magnetic contracts for the doors of each ATM machine.
The FINSEC systems provide predictive insights on the possible occurrence of an attack and raises relevant alerts to security teams.

More information about this Use Case can be found in the SECURING CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURES IN THE FINANCIAL SECTOR course


This case study provides integrated protection for the ATM machines and the ATM network. It is able to automatically understand a wide range of attack indicators including people loitering, physical attacks to the ATM (e.g., Vandalism, Breaking or Gas Injection), attacks against a customer using the ATM, malware attacks, use of explosives and more.



Nejat Oguzalp


Marian Ghenescu