Critical Financial Infrastructure: Digital Transformation and the Cyber Imperative – Innovation and Standardisation

Financial Institutions are making increasing use of digital technologies, internet of things, AI, cloud technologies, application programming interfaces, and rapid software development all of which has heightened the cyber security risk as the threat landscape has evolved with increased complexity. Recent attacks on supply chains targeting multiple IT service providers through the exploitation of widely-used […]

The FINSEC Course on “Securing Critical Infrastructures in the Financial Sector”

The FINSEC Course on “Securing Critical Infrastructures in the Financial Sector” is now listed in the Security Courses Catalogue of the Concordia project. You can access: 1. the Concordia Catalogue here: and 2. the FINSEC Course here: (You must be registered in the platform). INNOV-ACTS has coordinated the development of the course, […]

FINSEC in the SAFECARE Awareness Event

FINSEC is glad to have participated in the SAFECARE Awareness Event in Leuven, Belgium. This event, held on the 18th of Septmeber, saw the participation of many practitioners from the fields of cyber and physical security from various sectors (healthcare, financial, energy) and was a great opportunity to share ideas and learn about the SAFECARE […]

FINSEC SIEM Infrastructure

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems have been used in IT since long ago to guarantee security in computer transactions and technological environments. SIEMs collect information about the monitored IT system by using agents deployed close to the infrastructure elements. This information is encapsulated in the form of events and stored, this way the […]