Financial Institutions are making increasing use of digital technologies, internet of things, AI, cloud technologies, application programming interfaces, and rapid software development all of which has heightened the cyber security risk as the threat landscape has evolved with increased complexity.

Recent attacks on supply chains targeting multiple IT service providers through the exploitation of widely-used network management software, is a clear indication of a worsening cyber threat environment.

Financial Institutions are growingly reliant on third-party suppliers whom can often be the weakest link. As a result the need to ensure system resilience as well as maintaining data confidentiality and integrity are critical.

This increased threat has seen the growth of an innovation ecosystem focused specifically on solutions targeted at the sector alongside increased policy, guidelines, standards and regulatory activity. This event aims to put a spotlight on the rising threats faced by the industry, the emerging innovations to respond along with a view into how policy makers, standards bodies and regulators are responding.

“The primary driver is the FINSEC project which is a project we have been working on in the last 3 years with European FIs and global system integrators including IBM, HPE, ATOS and Fujitsu and other relevant activity in the ECSI Cluster which we have developed which is about collaboration across innovation activities in Europe in this area.

Date of event: 22-23 April 2021

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