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Cybersecurity in financial sector infrastructures from SIEM probes to risk assessment and mitigation with a use case walkthrough

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Date : 06 – 11- 2020

Duration : 30-40 minutes

Abstract : SIEM and risk assessment engine are key solutions from the FINSEC project toolset. The former offers real-time collection and analysis of security events in financial systems infrastructures with automated reconfiguration capabilities of mitigation and data collection on its sensors for more efficient operation and reaction to attacks taking place. The latter solution offers monitoring and run-time assessment of assets’ vulnerabilities of a target infrastructure driven by models quantifying the risk to such assets and possible mitigation actions to remediate the risk. The aim of the webinar is to familiarise the audience with the potential of the two FINSEC solutions and how to use them to strengthen the cybersecurity posture of financial system infrastructures. Presentation and demonstration of the tools will be given in the context of a project use case.

Audience : Technical leaders, managers, decision makers, security administrators, cybersecurity experts/researchers interested in exploring the technology potential of SIEM and Risk assessment engine of FINSEC.


Jesus Villalobos Nieto, ATOS