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Security as a Service (SECaaS) for SMEs – Lessons Learnt

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Abstract : The webinar deals with the need of small and medium financial organizations of protecting their infrastructures against cyber security risks. Not only large organizations like banks are primary targets of attacks, also financial SMEs are faced with significant security challenges, given that:
(i) They usually lack specialized in-house security knowledge.; and
(ii) often try to avoid the costs related to investments in security measures, technologies and external services; Hence, they are considered an easy prey for hackers, which tend to use SMEs hacking as one of their preferred ways to penetrate larger financial networks that are usually interconnected to smaller systems.

In our webinar, we will first motivate the idea of Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS). We will introduce the FINSEC project and the toolbox it created. We will then present use cases that were implemented in the frame of the SECaaS pilot within FINSEC, in particular for the protection of interconnected infrastructures as for the data exchange between small and larger financial organizations. Finally, we will summarize our lessons-learnt.

Audience : The workshop is oriented to small financial organizations, security experts from industries and system administrators that work with financial institutes.